*Asterisk Rumor Proves to be False

By Iman Khosrodad


Student concerns that MCPS will add an asterisk to their transcript when the Quarter 2 and Quarter 4 grades trend downward from Q1 and Q3 are unfounded.

The rumors started with a finsta story. A B-CC senior posted a picture of a page in the MCPS agenda book with the caption “It’s true, guys.” A B-CC TV segment joked about this so-called change in the grading system as well.

Turns out, the asterisk on the grading-policy page of the Student Handbook has been there for five years, indicating the grading change from the time of final exams to the current system.

“It’s fiction,” said B-CC registrar Maureen Bonner. The asterisk is merely an indication to students, not colleges, about this change in the MCPS grading system. Before this new grading policy was enforced, a student who received an A in the first quarter and a D for second quarter, their final exam grade would determine whether they received a semester grade of a B or a C.

Now, however, a student who receives an A in either quarter and a D in

either quarter receives a B as the semester grade.

Students are just noticing the asterisk for the first time now. An asterisk

will not appear on a student’s transcript.

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