B-CC Alumni: Where Are They Now?

By Lilly Behbehani, Isabel Danzis, Grace Harrington, and Evan Warner

Ryan Dimmick- Class of 2016

For Ryan Dimmick, B-CC was more than just a school. His time on the football, wrestling, and baseball teams set him up for success at Muhlenberg College, where he is majoring in Spanish and Education and playing on their NCAA Division III level football team. “B-CC taught me about becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable,” said Dimmick, “I have been able to make unbelievable connections with people and learn incredible things because of my comfort in pushing myself beyond what I thought possible.” At Muhlenberg, Dimmick is very involved in the community as a tour guide, a tutor in Spanish and Writing, and he works in the office of admissions. Muhlenberg’s football team is currently in the Final Four in the NCAA championship, like Salisbury University, where former Baron Tosin Aroyewun plays football. “I could not be more excited about the opportunity to play against my best friend and former teammate, Tosin. We have been bantering all week and I cannot wait for the game on Saturday to see who will advance to the Final Four,” said Dimmick. Ryan Dimmick plans on becoming a teacher and a college-level coach after graduating this year.

Tosin Aroyewun- Class of 2017

The name Tosin Aroyewun is a familiar one to many Barons and staff members. Aroyewun was an active member in the community with weekly appearances on B-CC TV, a member of a variety of sports teams, an SGA representative, and a chorale singer. After graduating in 2017, Aroyewun went to Robert Morris University before transferring to Salisbury, where he is majoring in Information Systems and minoring in Marketing and Sales. “B-CC taught the skills necessary to achieve success in college,” said Aroyewun. “Sometimes I think high school was harder than college [because of] how prepared I am.” At Salisbury, Aroyewun participates in many of the same activities he did at B-CC, like singing in the chorale and playing football. “I’ll be playing against Ryan [Dimmick]... he was my former quarterback and in high school and till this day still one of my best friends, and playing against him in the NCAA quarterfinals is unbelievable,” said Aroyewun. Aroyewun looks back on his time at B-CC fondly. “I miss the game day at B-CC. It was just different than you would think and gave me a certain feeling I can’t explain,” said Aroyewun.

Maya Sterling- Class of 2016

Maya Sterling graduated B-CC in 2016. At B-CC she was the publisher and business manager of The Tattler as well as an organizer of the yearly Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser. After graduating, she went to Vassar College, where she is currently finishing her senior year. At Vassar, Sterling is an International Studies major with focuses in Geography and Hispanic Studies. Sterling was involved with the Vassar newspaper, The Miscellany News, for her first year where she did layout, wrote humor articles and was the paper distributor. Although she isn’t active with the paper anymore, she has participated in many other activities ranging from interning with Hudson River Housing, a local housing nonprofit, to playing Quidditch and dancing with the Vassar tap dance ensemble. Sterling misses the sense of community that she felt at B-CC the most. “Right now as I write this sitting in the library working on my mountain of final essays, I can't help but remember B-CC as a home. Vassar is home too, but a different kind of home. I just hope that current B-CC students still feel that,” said Sterling. Looking forward, Sterling hopes to return to D.C. to work at an international development organization, non-profit, or a think tank. In the future, she hopes to work abroad in Latin America.

Mike Holland - Class of 2012

After graduating from B-CC in 2012, Mike Holland started his freshman year in college while also working for Logic, a rapper. Holland met Logic, who is also from Maryland, while he was leaving for college. “I’d often skip classes and travel with him. My grades suffered but I’m happy I did that,” said Holland. After graduating from college, Holland started a film production company with Logic called Bobby Boy Productions. “My plans for the future is to keep growing my career but also to not forget to have fun and enjoy the process,” said Holland. While at B-CC, Holland took classes such as IB Film, Journalism, and Peace Studies which “shaped [his] career and also [his] values.” Holland misses the diversity of B-CC. “The school wasn’t sheltering and once I started to travel the country I appreciated that more and more,” said Holland. Holland’s advice to current B-CC students is to take risks and remember that there is more to life than high school.“Remember to breathe. Try hard in school but nothing is life or death,” said Holland.

Nicolette Sweeney- Class of 2012

In Nicollete Sweeney’s perspective, “[It] wasn’t about where I was going; it was about how I spent my time wherever I was.” Sweeney graduated from B-CC in 2012. After graduation, she went to teach English in Spain for a year before attending Santa Barbara City College. Sweeney then transferred to UCLA and began her professional acting career. “My latest film, Skyman, just premiered at the Austin Film Festival and I was cast as one of two leads,” said Sweeney. “The director is the same director and creator of the Blair Witch Project and it was an incredible experience that reassured this profession was right for me.” Sweeney’s experiences have given her a newfound appreciation for B-CC. “[T]he electives and options were so intricate, and I didn’t even fully realize just how intricate until I left and compared my experience to that of others at a different high school,” said Sweeney. Nicolette Sweeney feels that B-CC was able to prepare her academically and give her the skills to succeed in her professional life.

Matt Warner- Class of 2015

After graduating from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in 2015, Matt Warner decided to continue his education at West Virginia University located in Morgantown, West Virginia. There he spent four years earning his bachelor's degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Since graduating from college, he has been working. After playing baseball for B-CC all four years of high school, Warner decided to hang up the cleats of competitive sports to give all of his time towards school and his future. When asked about other activities, Warner said that he still enjoys going to football games or basketball games against rivals. The biggest take away that he got from B-CC in their efforts to help students plan for their future was time management as well as a foundation for reality.

“I think the biggest thing I took away was how to manage my time,” said Warner. “B-CC [did] a great job of pushing [me] into time consuming activities that you are forced to learn how to effectively manage time.”

His goals for post-college were to break into the sports industry, which he’s already begun to do with internships for two baseball clubs: the West Virginia Black Bears, and minor league baseball team affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, a team associated with the Atlantic League of baseball. Lately he has invested his time into various interviews with big named sports organizations.

Speaking on what he missed most about high school, Warner talked about being able to recognize most of his fellow students. He said how going from a school of around 2,500 students to over 30,000 students was a massive jump and the friendliness of being able to know who you are passing each day was in many ways comforting.

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