Students Involved in Search for a Permanent Principal at B-CC

Updated: Apr 7

By Juliana Capizzi and Mia Romano

Dr. Mooney has been a great addition to the B-CC community as a leader that many students respect. However, as interim principal, he will have to apply with other applicants to be the permanent principal of B-CC. The next step for Bethesda Chevy Chase High School is finding a principal that will both be a leader to the students and a friend. As the search progresses, the student body is playing a much larger role than there was in the past to finding a new principal for B-CC.

Everyone wants a good principal, but what other qualities are necessary? “Besides the obvious of being a kind person, someone who will have the leadership abilities to enact the concerns and needs of both students and staff,” said Kelsea Petersen, a junior at B-CC, when asked what she looks for in a new principal. Sophomore Aiden Franze hopes the new principal will be “engaged in the school's activities” and try “to improve the school.” It’s important for the school’s new principal to also have a “good relationship with the students,” Katie Stevenson, a B-CC senior said. In the past, there has not always been clear communication between the principal and the students and staff making transparency a large concern for most students pertaining to B-CC’s next principal.

In the process of picking the new principal, most students understand that we should have a role in picking, but not all authority over the process. “Students should have a moderate influence on picking the new principal. No, we shouldn’t be able to have final say on who is selected, but we also shouldn’t have no say at all. It is our school, so we should be able to put some input on who will be in charge,” said Aiden Franze. “I think students should get some influence since they have to deal with the way the school is run,” said Stevenson.

Students hope to have better relations with this new principal. Stevenson stated, “I never had many interactions with the principal unless it was through sports.” Many students who have attended B-CC for years rarely interacted with their principal. There is an emphasis on openness between students, staff and the principal in order to build relationships and a community where everyone can be successful.

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