Crew Recruitment: Rowing to College

By: Tobias Berlinski and Tate Smyth

Although B-CC crew is not affiliated with the school, many seniors are showing their baron excellence and committing to prestigious universities. The B-CC crew team is often one of the more successful programs relating to B-CC, and this year was no different. Seniors Chloe Palmer, Jake Danneger, and Alec Walter have recently committed to top colleges, hoping to continue their academic and rowing progress.

Chloe Palmer, a 4 year crew team member, has committed to Boston University. Palmer notes that the recruiting process is different for college crew teams, as she had to be the one to make an effort to connect with schools and coaches. She also claims that the whole process is much longer than it is for other schools, Palmer herself started the process in the winter of her junior year. While some coaches did contact her, Palmer was “talking back and forth with many coaches,” and “had to reach out [herself] to some schools.” During the summer she began to narrow her offers down; that being said, she had been talking to Boston University for a while and they became more of a fit for her desires. Near the end of the process, she was able to go on an official visit and got to experience the real student athlete life at Boston University. That visit ended up being the convincing factor in her decision. Ultimately the school’s atmosphere and more possible majors is what led her to commit. Although she says “the recruiting process is difficult and stressful because you’re really trying to make that school like you”, being able to “experience what it [would be] like being an athlete at that school” was great for her. As a commit she plans on continuing her academic success and hopes to help push the B-CC crew team, while improving her abilities so she can help her school for the next 4 years.

Jake Danegger has been a member of the B-CC crew team for four years and has recently committed to Brown University. Danegger “never really felt like [he] was in a position to get offers and choose based off what came [his] way, so [his] experience was a lot more based around trying to form a good connection with just a couple of schools.” The interest that he received from Brown came as a surprise, and he was quick to accept “such an amazing opportunity.” To Danegger, Brown was a school with an amazing education and what he calls an “up-and-coming rowing program” to which he hopes to contribute. He cites the freedom to select classes for underclassmen as a part of their open curriculum policy also motivated his commitment to Brown. Danegger plans on continuing his academic excellence with the remainder of his time at B-CC as well as attempting to push the strong B-CC crew team with the little time he has left with the program. This year, Danegger feels that they “have a really strong team this year,” and is “focused on putting in all that [he] can.”

Alec Walter has been rowing for B-CC since his sophomore year. His consistent dedication to the sport landed him multiple college offers and led to his recent commit to Stanford University. Walter received the offer from Stanford in late August while he was on an unofficial visit at the school. He was officially admitted during an official visit in the early stages of October. After a week of discussing the decision with his parents and coaches, he accepted the offer. Walter reflects on the whole recruitment process as personally smooth. “Because of the early timeline, [he] only had to complete two applications: Stanford and the Naval Academy, because [he] knew that if either fell through, [he] could still have time to apply early or regular decision to other schools.” He visited a total of four schools on official visits to examine the culture of the programs and the daily lives of student-athletes at those schools. He felt most content with Stanford, as “the environment of technological pioneering and culture of entrepreneurship stood out to [him].” Now as a commit, Walter claims he is focused on his academics and putting in hours to further his excellence at Stanford University. He plans to not only “preserve, but also build upon [his] athletic achievements.”

Photo courtesy of Chloe Palmer, Jake Danneger, and Alec Walter.

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