Drip or Die: Corona style

By Karina Vasudeva

The phrase “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that” has taken on new meaning as high fashion brands have begun to release lines of surgical masks in an attempt to capitalize off of the Coronavirus craze.

After Billie Eilish turned up to the Grammys in January wearing a Gucci face mask, competitors became inspired to capitalize on the new trend. They have now decided to sell designer versions of the same surgical masks one can no longer find at the local CVS or Giant.

These brands have come under fire for trying to make a trend out of what is a global pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent from selling faux-fur masks adorned with pearls or precious stones, for a premium price tag.

When asked about the controversial business plan, a representative for Burberry said, “That’s all it is: just business. When you see the top models from around the world wearing them at Paris fashion week, you’ll want one of your own. Too bad you won’t be able to get one.”

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