Protective Gear: the Symbol of the Times

By Yael Chiappori

Corona fashion. Yes, and I don’t mean the sweatpants and your older sibling’s college shirt you’ve worn this entire week (that’s nasty, this is a PSA to change your clothes your parents will be thankful). Through the mess, horror and disappointment that this pandemic has brought, it seems some designers and brands are ahead of the pack. So yes, this is my way of bringing a little bit of light to your day other than the light you are getting from your daily neighborhood walk. Vitamin D you could say, and by that I mean Vitamin-Designer.

Marine Serre has been ahead of her time for a while now with her full body coverage gear with matching face masks. She shows us the right way of doing logo-gear time and time again (we’re looking at you Gucci). Her latest collection, the ready-to-wear Fall 2020 collection shown at Paris Fashion Week, again exemplified this futuristic designer’s ability to predict the future apparently.

Marine Serre Spring Summer 2019

The queen of all Beyonce wearing a full Marine Serre jumpsuit moment.

If head to toe moon gear seems like overkill for your Costco trip try styling the mask with an all-black base making the moon print really stand out. Marine Serre collaborated with Airnum to create this air quality face mask.

Billie Eilish was also rocking the face mask look at the Grammys this year though I fear her Gucci rendition is not as practical or useful for stopping the spread of coronavirus. Note to self, Gucci face mask more fashion than practicality. Though Gucci doesn’t seem to be doing either particularly well in this instance (no shade Billie, we love you).

Chinese fashion designer, Qiaodan Yin Peng Sports Wear Collection

In Asia face masks have been common practice and fashion wear for some time.

If you are more hype beast perhaps these Supreme gloves are your preferred flex at the moment.

Students in Prague sewing masks to donate to those in need via Instagram: @fashiondesignstudio

In all seriousness, perhaps the most admirable designer of the hour is project runway’s Christian Siriano. Siriano has reassigned his ten seamstresses in New York to make face masks and is hoping to have a thousand done in a week. Fashion students too are pulling out their sewing machines in efforts to combat the coronavirus around the world.

If you, too, are feeling the spirit why not sew your own face mask instead of buying those which health care workers are in need of? Here is a link to a blog with a sewing pattern:

As long as COVID-19 is around protective gear will be too. We have all been contemplating the lasting effects this virus will have on society. The art of fashion is a small window to what society is feeling so we are likely to see several face masks and gloves on and off the runway. So next time you step out of the house for your neighborhood walk why not make the pavement your runway?

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