SGA Surpasses Goal for Charity Month

By Isabel Danzis and Josh Garber

The Student Government Association (SGA) and student body of B-CC raised over $21,500 in the month of February for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), surpassing their original goal of $20,000.

This year’s total was a dramatic shift from previous years, raising nearly ten times the amount of the last two years. In 2018 and 2019, B-CC had the two lowest performing years, with B-CC only raising $1,766 and $2,268, respectively.

According to school-wide SGA coordinator Ms. Trimble, this year’s result was vastly different from the previous year because of the SGA and general student body’s passion to have a more successful year,. “Our SGA was really enthusiastic from the beginning that they wanted to do something big with charity month,” said Ms. Trimble.

Around November all class SGAs met to discuss the plans for charity month. “We had our first GA (general assembly) with [the other class SGAs] about Charity month, and Hayden [Reneghan] did a really good job of laying out what our vision was for charity month and how we needed their help with communicating our the events, fundraising, planning and executing events, so I think starting with that everyone bought into it very quickly,” Ms. Trimble said.

The SGA raised most of the money through a combination of activities, fundraisers and donations. “We did take a different approach to fundraising this year as we made it a goal to have as many fundraisers as possible and to try and reach the most diverse amount of the student body that we could,” said school-wide SGA President Hayden Reneghan.

The first fundraising event for charity month was the winter dance. Ever since 2015, B-CC has only held one school-wide dance: homecoming. This year the SGA managed to secure a winter dance to kick off charity month.

Throughout the month, SGA brought in a host of activities to the school in addition to organizing fundraisers in the Bethesda area. Ranging from a corepower yoga class to the Mr. B-CC pageant, the SGA was able to bring a diverse array of activities for students to participate in at B-CC. The SGA set up fundraisers at Jeni’s Ice Cream, Matchbox, and the Parkway Deli. The SGA also sold flower grams, allowing students to contact each other, and on the last day of charity month, the SGA hosted a Dodgeball tournament after the pep rally.

Student participation in charity month seemed to have increased from previous years. “I definitely saw more school participation this year than in years past and that is really exciting because overall participation is what will help us raise the most money,” Rengahan said.

Ms. Trimble also saw this uptake in student participation. “We worked really hard to plan all these events and students came out to the events, which was awesome,” said Ms. Trimble. “I think historically, we’ve had a hard time with attendance at these different things that are fun school spirit related, but our goal is trying to change the culture a little bit; we want to see students excited about this type of stuff and I think we’re starting to see it.”

The SGA is hoping to take the success of this year and replicate it next year. “We’re going to come back together this week and reflect on what our successes were and really hammer out specifically what we did and make sure that we can do that next year. We want to raise more next year, we’re just going to keep at it,” said Ms. Trimble.

The money raised by B-CC will help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society continue support families of patients and find cures for blood cancer.

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