Youtube Accounts That are not “Commercially Viable” Can Be Deleted

By Iman Khosrodad

The newest addition to YouTube’s terms of service has caused mass confusion as users are now uncertain and worried about the content they will be able to post in the future. In the initial report, YouTube stated that starting December 10th, they will begin taking down videos that are considered “No longer commercially viable.”

The public was left puzzled by the statement as it seemed that YouTube was now allowed to delete accounts and videos that mainstream media does not agree with. One user took to Twitter to point out the fact that this change seems to give YouTube “the discretion to erase channels that they believe threaten YouTube’s reputation.” YouTube was quick to release a statement clarifying that they are “Not changing how we work with creators, nor their rights over their works…. This does not impact creators/viewers in any new ways.”

B-CC student and local YouTuber Ana Borgstede explained that she thinks this change is “Bad in that it’ll put smaller channels off of continuing YouTube because they feel that the corporation isn’t encouraging them by enacting a policy that discourages their content because they have fewer subscribers.”

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